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How to find the right programmer for your company

Posted October 03, 2018 03:00:00 What’s your company’s top talent?

Is it a top recruiter, a senior executive, a recruiter with a deep knowledge of the software and technology world?

Does your company have a large software engineering team?

Do you want to hire top talent in every industry?

The job market for software engineers is heating up, with companies like LinkedIn and Apple announcing big hiring announcements in the last month.

There are so many factors involved in finding the right candidate for a position at your company, and many of them are not necessarily the hiring criteria.

The next time you’re looking for the perfect candidate for your software development team, take a look at these 10 things to consider: How does your company hire software engineers?

Is there a specific software engineer in your company that is a top talent and will provide a lot of value to your company?

If not, you might want to look elsewhere.

If you do have a top-tier recruiter in your industry, is he or she knowledgeable of the latest software technologies and development techniques?

Is he or her experienced enough to take on a top job?

Is his or her position within your company in the same or higher priority level as your top recruitor?

Is your software engineering position open to all candidates?

Do your top candidates have experience in the field, in addition to being experts in their field?

If so, you’ll want to be prepared for an interview.

Is the hiring process transparent and fair?

Are there no restrictions on who you may interview with?

Does it require you to disclose your personal information?

Does the company have transparency policies in place that you can follow?

Are you aware of the minimum standards that are set by the company for interviewing?

Is the job market growing quickly?

Do new companies or new hires have the same qualifications and skills that you do?

If you’re in a company with a high number of software engineers, it might be worth a shot.

But if you’re not, it may be best to avoid a potential candidate.

What factors are important in a hiring decision?

You can’t expect a recruite to know everything about your company.

You can only ask questions.

You have to be open to hearing what they have to say, and to getting to know the people they’re interviewing for a job.

Is your company transparent?

Does a company have policies in the works that require applicants to disclose their personal information and that you have the option of signing an nondisclosure agreement?

Is a company transparent about its hiring process?

Are companies transparent about how they recruit and evaluate candidates?

Are candidates evaluated based on merit, experience, and ability to do the job?

Are they evaluated on their merit, and are they evaluated based upon their ability to solve problems in the company’s code base?

Are software engineers evaluated on a consistent basis?

Do they have a job history or career goals?

Does their background and training reflect the company ethos?

Does hiring managers have a track record of being able to work with the right people?

Do candidates have to show that they can be effective at the job and be able to meet the company culture?

Are the interviews done on a day-to-day basis?

Are interviews given on an “as-is basis,” or are they done on an interview day-by-day?

Are all interviewers given a “no-nonsense” interview, and is that considered a “hard-and-fast” rule?

Does one interview day count as two interviews?

Is interviewing done in a timely manner, and how many interviews can be done in one day?

Do interviews last longer than one day or is it up to the company to determine when it’s appropriate to end a conversation?

Does interviewing be done over email or live chat?

Is an email or online chat the only way to interview candidates?

Is hiring based on experience or ability?

Is experience required for candidates?

Does experience and ability matter to the hiring manager?

Do companies have “open” hiring practices?

Are company-wide policies in effect that prohibit certain candidates from working with other candidates?

What is the role of a recruited candidate?

Do the candidates have the right skills and the ability to make the company proud?

Are recruited candidates subject to a strict hiring process, such as “a strict hiring requirement for senior leadership positions?”

Is a recruitable candidate subjected to a mandatory review process that can include a formal interview?

Are hiring managers subject to scrutiny for performance, including a review process for their own employees?

Does an interviewer have to make an appointment for a candidate?

Are interviewers allowed to ask questions about the candidate’s background and experience, as well as the candidate and their team?

Are recruiters required to disclose the candidate?

Is disclosure a requirement for hiring candidates?

Can recruiters ask questions in advance about candidates?

Will interviewers be allowed to interview with candidates after the interview is complete?

Are interviewer

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