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How to delete apps from the Android Market app list

When you download an app from the Google Play Store, you may be surprised to see that you can delete it from the list of apps available.

To do so, tap the “Delete” button in the top right of the app’s screen.

Once the app has been deleted, tap on the app to open the app drawer and select it from your app list.

The app drawer is where you’ll see all the apps you downloaded on your phone, like a directory of all your apps on your computer.

You’ll see a list of all the app icons in the app.

Tap on one of the icons and select “Delete.”

The app will be deleted and you’ll have to re-download it.

If you’re a big app user, you can always reinstall the app from Google Play.

But for those of us who don’t download apps regularly, this will not be a big deal.

Here’s how to delete a few of the more popular apps from your Android Market account.


PocketCasts PocketCasters, the app that lets you play Pocketcasts, can also be removed from the app list for you.

To uninstall PocketCaster, tap “Remove from my app list.”

This will delete Pocketcasts from your account and will remove all the Pocketcasts content from the account.


Vudu Video Now you can see all your Vudus videos on the Google store.

To delete Vudux Video, tap your VUDU app from your Google Play store app.

The Vuduu app will open and you can remove all Vuduv videos from your Vudeu account.


YouTube Play Movies Now YouTube Play movies are great.

But you can’t delete them from your YouTube account.

You can delete YouTube Play films, but you’ll need to reupload them to YouTube.


Vimeo Video Now, Vimeo has a few features you can disable.

You need to open Vimeo, tap Video, and select the “Show videos from Vimeo” tab.

You want to set the video to autoplay.

Then, you need to delete all videos.

You won’t be able to remove any of the videos.


VLC Video Now VLC is the most popular video player in Google Play, and you probably use it frequently.

You probably use VLC to watch videos, but if you don’t, you probably won’t want to delete it.

Vlc doesn’t delete any of your videos, so you won’t have to delete VLC.

You will need to upload a video to VLC and then delete it once it’s finished playing.


Spotify Now Spotify allows you to delete songs you’ve purchased.

You should be able do this from your Spotify account.


Google Photos Now, Google Photos allows you, too, to delete albums you’ve bought.

If your Google Photos account is set to auto-delete albums, you won,t have to manually delete all your albums from your album collection.

You could also just delete your albums.

But there’s no way to delete photos that you purchased from a third party.


Hulu Now Hulu offers a lot of different streaming video options.

You have to download Hulu apps and then you have to select the video you want to watch and select your language, region, and region code.

If Hulu does not automatically download these for you, you will need the ability to manually download them.


Hulu Plus Hulu Plus offers a bunch of different video options that you probably wouldn’t want deleted.

You also won’t find them in the Google play store.

But, Hulu Plus has a lot more options, and they will only be available in the United States.


Netflix Now Netflix is the streaming video app that most people watch on a regular basis.

Netflix has lots of video options, including movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

If Netflix is not installed on your device, you’ll be prompted to install it.

To remove Netflix from your device’s system, you could uninstall Netflix and then try again.


Google Play Movies & TV Now Google Play movies and TV shows can be deleted from your Play Movies account.

The first time you uninstall your Google Movies account, it will prompt you to download the app, and it will install a new version.

After installing the new version, you should be ready to delete your Google+ Movies account and all the videos that it holds on your account.


YouTube Video Now YouTube videos are great, but it will take a little work to remove YouTube Videos from your accounts.

To make YouTube videos disappear from your phone or tablet, open YouTube on your Android device.

Tap the “Remove Videos from this device” icon on the top of the screen.


VUDVU Video Now Now, YouTube videos can be removed with the help of VUDu.

To use VUDuv, you have two options.

The “Remove videos from this account” option will remove the video from your mobile device, and then

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