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Personal Website About SNHU How the programmable garment is changing the world, and we asked Jason Jones if it’s possible for a programmer to wear it, too

How the programmable garment is changing the world, and we asked Jason Jones if it’s possible for a programmer to wear it, too

JASON JONES is one of the most influential thinkers in the technology world.

As a programmer at a startup called JBoss, Jones led a group of programmers to build a machine that lets them write code in the programming language JBoss’ own language.

In 2013, JBoss sold the company to Oracle for $13.5 billion.

Jones, now a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said that a programmer should never wear a programmer shirt, because they’re a distraction from the real world.

Jones also doesn’t like to wear clothes that say “programmer,” which he believes are too corporate and commercial.

But Jones believes the rise of smartwatches, which let you program the screen, has changed the way people wear shirts.

The trend, he said, was created by the tech industry to get attention, not to make people more productive.

Jones is now a senior lecturer in the department of computing and information science at the university.

He’s written several books, including a book about the origins of the computer age, “The Future of Jobs.”

We caught up with Jones to ask him about why he likes the way programmers wear shirts, what he thinks is behind the rise in wearables and how he’s got his own project in the works.

How did the idea for the programmatically designed garment come about?

I’m a programmer, and I’ve always been interested in the idea of programming a program.

So, I had a friend who was a senior engineer who was designing some new kinds of sensors and sensors for the military.

I asked him if he wanted to come up with something that would be the opposite of what I’m doing, and he said “Yeah, we’re going to come with a programmable shirt.”

So he showed me a couple of shirts and I was like, “Oh, that’s really cool.”

So I thought it would be a cool idea to have a program that would let you write programs, and that would also be a distraction.

So that’s how the idea came about.

I mean, what are people wearing these days?

What are we wearing?

You’re wearing a shirt that says “programming.”

What are they wearing?

A shirt that has a logo that says, “programmers.”

What’s the significance of that?

It’s an interesting question, and you can think of programs as computers that can program a piece of software.

But it’s also like the way that we program our own shirts.

We wear shirts that say, “Programmers” because we’re thinking about programming, and those shirts are designed to be distracting.

They’re also a distraction to the actual process.

I’m a designer.

I wear clothing that says things like “programs,” and then I’m not.

I think that’s what the program really is.

It’s a distraction that the shirt does not have.

You can wear it with any kind of shirt.

So I don’t see why it’s not a distraction in general.

What’s your project in mind?

We’ve been talking to some folks who are doing really interesting things in the field of artificial intelligence, and there are some things that are actually in the future that you would not want to be in a shirt, in terms of distracting you from that.

It would make you more productive, so it’s a real possibility that there will be wearables that are programmable.

I’ve seen these projects that are already in the market, and they have very interesting things to say about how artificial intelligence will affect the workplace.

One of them is called the “Bartender” that lets you do an online coffee challenge, and it’s got a program, and when you do the challenge, you can choose to do a challenge where you’re not going to be drinking.

You have a bunch of coffee cups, and then you can do this online challenge, so you get the cups back.

We have a project called “The Biscuit” where you can create a biscuit, and the cups are programed.

And they’re really nice, but they’re also very distracting, because you can actually do a lot of other things that people can’t do in the office.

It seems like a good idea to design something that is not designed to get people into a state of distraction.

Is that something you’re doing on your own or are you working with someone?

No, I’m working with a couple people.

The Biscuity project is really cool, and if you look at the code, there are a lot more interesting things that I could be doing with that.

Is it going to go to market?

I’m hoping it will.

There are other things I could do with it.

I would love to work with other people on it, but I think the way it’s designed is probably not going that far.

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