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Personal Website Admission New chip developer pays $400K for US diploma programme

New chip developer pays $400K for US diploma programme

By Matthew CappuccioNew chip developer Jeff Hensley has earned $400,000 in compensation from the US Department of Education’s diploma programme for working on the education technology industry.

The DOE’s Career Development Service awarded the job to Hens, who was previously the executive director of the semiconductor company Qualcomm Technologies.

Hens earned $410,000 last year, and the DOE said it will give Hens $250,000 this year.

“Jeff has been a great advocate for the DOE in terms of the advancement of our industry,” said DOE Secretary John Holdren.

“His work on the technology side of the industry has been really very positive for the industry.

We really appreciate his contribution to the DOE and our industry.”

Qualcomm, a global semiconductor industry leader, provides high-performance computing chips to major technology companies, including Google and Intel.

Hents’ work in the education tech industry included developing technology to use digital handwriting recognition, which is being used by schools to provide learning and assessment tools.

Hels first came to prominence as the head of Qualcomm’s education technology program, which includes a research and development program and a technical research program, in 2014.

The program was later merged with the company’s education division, where he was responsible for a range of education-related services.

In addition to his work at Qualcomm, Hens has been an active developer and advocate for higher education.

In 2014, he helped launch the American Council on Education’s Center for Education Technology Innovation, which helps companies with educational research and technology projects.

Hears was also involved in the creation of the National Science Foundation-funded Career Development Technology Initiative, which aims to accelerate the commercialization of technology to help improve the quality of learning for students, according to a DOE press release.

The Career Development Program, which has funded $9.6 billion in grants since its inception in 2002, is the only federal education technology programme, which funds projects that benefit students, teachers, and educators.

In the past year, Hents has helped to fund the education technologies development at the National Center for Educational Technology Innovation at the University of Texas, Austin, and has helped the DOE’s Center on Innovation, Innovation Leadership, and Innovation Policy to build a research network to support the DOE program.

Hets experience at Qualcomm gave him an understanding of how the educational technology industry works and how it can be developed for the public, said Hens.

Qualcomm has also invested in more than 1,200 students in STEM-related research projects.

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