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Personal Website Admission iPhone screen programmer Shirase says iPhone 4 is the best in the world

iPhone screen programmer Shirase says iPhone 4 is the best in the world

A screen programmer with experience on Apple’s iPhone and iPad said Monday that she has used the new iPhone 4S as a daily driver for more than five years.

The iPhone 4s has the highest quality display of any iPhone, and it has the most screen real estate on a smartphone.

“It’s a real winner,” Shirate said.

Shirate, who has worked on a wide range of products, said she has been on the iPhone since the first generation, and is still on it today.

“I think the 4S is the absolute best,” she said.

The new iPhones are lighter and faster, faster battery life, more powerful than ever, faster wireless charging, and an improved camera.

“The 4S has some really interesting new features, like a super-fast processor, which is really important for an all-in-one smartphone,” said John Schmidhuber, director of product management for Apple’s online store.

“The 4 Plus has more screen real size, more power, and a new camera.”

Shirase said she loves the new screen.

“I have never had a screen that has been so comfortable and so comfortable to use,” she told CBS News.

“This is the ultimate display.”

The iPhone’s screen size is 2.5 inches (7.5 centimeters) thick, and its dimensions are 1.8 inches (4 centimeters) wide by 0.5 inch (1.2 centimeters) high.

Shirah said she can comfortably wear the iPhone 4’s display.

“Every day, I’m getting a new iPhone, which means I’m constantly trying new apps,” she added.

“If you’re like me, you’ve been on a daily basis using the iPhone for years.

I’m not going to be able to continue that for many years.”

Shirlay is on vacation with her family in Los Angeles.

Shirlay has been working on the new device since the iPhone 5 was announced in June.

Shirla, who works in a local hardware store, said the iPhone is great for work.

“In fact, it’s my favorite phone,” she explained.

“When I work, it really gets me going, and I really enjoy being able to look at it and interact with it.”

Shirling said she hopes the iPhone’s new camera will help her stay on top of her job and get her business going.

“A lot of times I would be busy with my other projects, and my wife wouldn’t be around,” she lamented.

“And then she’d go to work and I would just be a shell of myself.”

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