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Video game programmer shortage threatens jobs

A programmer shortage that could threaten jobs for millions of people is threatening to affect a vital sector of the U.S. economy, ABC News has learned.

With the shortage of programmers, the cost of computer hardware, and the possibility of more hardware being produced than is required, it could put hundreds of thousands of American workers out of work, according to the National Association of Broadcasters.

Many programmers rely on technology like online gaming to make their jobs easier, but some are leaving their jobs to go on a vacation, to work remotely or to work on new projects.

The problem is compounded by a nationwide shortage of qualified programmers.

The National Association for Broadcasters estimates that more than 200,000 programmers would be impacted by a shortage in the next two years.

The lack of qualified applicants, and shortages of the right types of equipment, could cause a significant loss of jobs, the association’s CEO, Brian Reed, said in a statement.

The shortage could hit at the heart of the video game industry, as the software industry accounts for more than half of the jobs in the U, and many game developers are dependent on their skills to make money.

Reed said that while it’s common for game developers to ask for a raise if they can’t find programmers, that should not be used as a justification for the shortage.

“It should be understood that hiring is a continuous process.

You need people that can work together to make the game,” he said.

Reeds said the U has a growing population of video game players, and if those players are able to find a programmer, they could potentially make more money than they would make otherwise.

If that happens, he said, the shortage could make video game programmers’ jobs more difficult.

“The software industry is going to continue to grow.

It’s going to keep expanding.

The jobs are going to stay, and they are going in the right places,” Reed said.”

If they have to move, and I know there are some that are concerned about it, I think it’s important that people do it.

That they don’t move to another industry.

I think that’s very important.”

The shortage is the result of a shortage of computer technology, according a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

The report, released in April, said the shortage is caused by a lack of skilled programmers in the field.

It said there are no computer programming or computer science programs that are offered in the schools of computer science, and there is no computer science program in the public schools.

Rates for software programming are also low, according the report.

The average monthly wage for a software programmer is $10,000, compared to $70,000 for a programmer in the retail industry.

The U.N. Development Program has set up a fund to help low-income people and to provide training and technical assistance to programmers.

But Reed said that there is little to no money in the fund, and that most programmers don’t have any training or experience.

The group that oversees the development of U..

S.-based video games is urging developers to make sure they are aware of the shortage, including a report from the UBS research firm.

The video game development industry is facing a serious shortage of talented programmers, according an expert who spoke to ABC News on the condition of anonymity.

The United States faces a significant shortage of skilled, motivated programmers to work in the video games industry.

The shortage of such skilled programmers has created serious economic pressures on the industry and the U: The average salary for a video game programmer is just $10.00, according UBS.

In fact, the average hourly pay of a video gamer in 2016 was $9.75, according data from the NPD Group.

While the demand for programmers is a concern, Reed said it should not overshadow the real problem: a shortage.

Ree said that with so many developers working on the games, it is essential that all programmers are trained and certified, and have the necessary equipment to make them work.

The software development industry has already had to find new ways to fill the shortage caused by the shortage in programmers.

“This isn’t just an issue for video game developers.

It is a problem for every business in this industry.

We are at a critical juncture right now,” Reed added.

“We need to keep innovating and we need to find solutions to this crisis.”

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