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Which programs should you be using as a lazy programmer?

The average programmer will spend more time working on projects that require minimal effort than on ones that are easier.

But with a little bit of effort, a little code, and a little luck, you can make your life easier.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 software tools that can make work much more fun.


The Scratchpad (Free) This is a handy little program that allows you to make your work with a click.

You can set it up with one click and get everything in one click.

Scratchpads are used in the arts, music, and more, but they’re great for the rest of us too.


Sketchpad (FREE) ScratchPad is the perfect solution for drawing or sketching on paper, but you can also use it to draw and sketch on the web.

It’s free and is the easiest way to get started drawing and sketching with a pen and paper.


Sketch Pad for iPad (Free, iOS only) Sketchpad is an awesome app that lets you quickly create your own sketches on the iPad.

If you don’t have an iPad, you could try the sketchpad for iPad.


SketchPad for Mac (Free for Mac and iOS) If you’re not using a Mac, you’ll love Sketchpad for Mac, which allows you a much more streamlined workflow.

If that doesn’t work, you might consider the SketchPad Pro for Mac.


SketchPads (Free and Mac, Android, and iOS free) The SketchPacks are great for learning how to make and use sketching tools.

If there’s anything you’ve never tried before, you probably should start now.


Scribble (Free to download) Scribble is an amazing drawing app for iPad and iPhone that lets people quickly sketch and draw on paper.

The app also has a ton of other great features like a grid of colors and an animated sketching feature.


Scritzer (Free or paid) Scritzers are great tools for learning to draw, and there’s a lot to like about them.

Scroters can be great for people with limited experience and if you’re new to drawing, this could be the perfect app to help you get started.


Sketching in Scratch (Free; paid version) Sculpting in SketchPad can be a great way to sharpen your skills and improve your drawing ability.

Sculpt, draw, cut, or sketch with this simple app.


SketchMe (Free with Apple Watch) If your friends are sharing their sketches on social media, they might want to use this app.

It lets you share your sketches and other drawings on social networks and make it easy for others to see them too.


SketchPen (Free + paid version; free for Mac) You might have noticed a new app called SketchPen that lets other users add text to their sketches, and it’s free to use as well.

You’ll need to use the app to add text, but it’s great for those who don’t want to have to use Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe Illustration (Free only; paid) Adobe Illustrators are awesome drawing apps for drawing with pencil and paper, and they’re a great tool for beginners.


Adobe Sketch (Free as of 2018) Sketch is the best free tool for making drawings and sketch work with SketchPad, and you can get more sketching options with Sketch.


Sketch on the Go (Free if you have an iPhone, iOS, or Android device) If this sounds like something you like, this app allows you the ability to create and save drawings quickly on your phone.

You’re free to upload and share your work to the internet and you’ll get instant feedback and rewards.


Sketchbook (Free version) SketchBook is a great app for creating beautiful art on paper with Adobe Illustrations, and we’ve put it on our list of the best drawing apps.


Adobe Photoshop Elements (Free upgrade) The only thing worse than having to spend time learning how Photoshop works is having to learn how to do it on your iPhone or iPad.

Adobe Elements is a free, easy-to-use Photoshop extension that lets users easily create and edit their own vector graphics.


Sketchy (Free), Adobe IllustriCure (Free without subscription) Adobe is always adding new features and improving existing ones, so it’s always worth checking out what’s new.

It’ll make it easier for you to learn new things.


Adobe Premiere Pro (Free subscription) This free version of Adobe Premiere is great for beginners and those with little to no previous work experience.

If it’s not for you, you should definitely check out the paid version of Premiere Pro.


Adobe Color Picker (Free trial) Adobe Color picker is a fantastic app that will allow you to draw with color.

Color Pickers are great when you want to add color to a photo or drawing, but for

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