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Which apps can we replace with a ‘smartwatch’?

There are some apps which, if you’ve ever wondered, will be coming to the Apple Watch.

With Apple having announced its Watch OS, a completely revamped version of its Android operating system, the company has opened up the platform to developers who can then add a lot more functionality to the smartwatch.

With apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify and Twitter all already on board, and even Apple Pay coming to a smartwatch version of the platform, it’s easy to see how this could be a huge boon to those who need to be in the know. 

There are apps available on the platform that will be able to be accessed from the Watch app on your phone, and they are all fairly straightforward.

You can download apps like Mail, Messages, Facebook Messenger, Maps and Weather for example, and those can all be accessed via the Watch menu. 

In some cases, apps will simply work as a separate standalone app.

That’s because apps are already integrated into the Watch OS and the WatchOS apps are currently available on iOS, Android and the Apple App Store. 

What’s more, these apps will be integrated into all WatchOS versions of apps, meaning there will be no reason to upgrade your device if you don’t need the latest version of those apps. 

So what do you need to know about apps that can be used on the Apple watch? 

There’s nothing specific in the Watch App SDK, and you’ll have to install apps via the ‘watchOS’ app on the Watch itself. 

It’s possible to install a ‘WatchApp’ on your smartphone, but that’s only available if you’re on iOS or Android and you’re using the watchOS version of your smartphone. 

For now, that means you’ll need to install WatchOS on your device, and if you have a watch that supports the ‘SmartWatch’ moniker, then you’ll also need to download the WatchApp for your watch to work. 

The Apple Watch App also offers ‘Watch-based’ services, and this means that apps can be installed to watch your progress and notifications, but it’s a bit limited. 

Apps on the ‘Watch’ platform will not only work with the Watch apps, but will also work with Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pro apps.

The Watch app will also provide you with notifications on the watch, and the ability to manage the watch’s time and date. 

WatchOS for iOS and WatchOS for Android will also have the ability for users to sync their data between different devices, and there’s no mention of iCloud syncing. 

One of the biggest things to keep in mind with these apps is that you won’t be able share your data between the Watch and the iPhone, although it does mean you won. 

If you want to use your iPhone with your watch, there are two apps available to download: Apple Watch App (which is available for iOS devices) and Apple Watch Simulator for iOS. 

These apps will allow you to use the watch as a standalone device, so there will still be a lot of the Watch’s functionality available, but they will not be used to sync data between your iPhone and the watch. 

You’ll also be able access WatchOS from the watch itself, and from the Apple app store, and will be given the option to download new apps from the app store to your watch. 

 The ‘watch OS’ for the Apple Wat is currently in beta, and while it will work with iOS, there is no mention if it will support Android devices or not. 

A few more apps will also be coming later this year, and one of the most exciting ones is a natively named ‘Smartwatch’ that will allow users to access various services on their Apple Watch without needing to be tethered to the phone. 

This app, which was released in February this year and has a limited release window, is called Apple Watch Tracker.

It’s basically a ‘watch app’ that’s supposed to work from the device, with you having to be wearing the watch in your hand to access services. 

 It is possible to download and use Apple Watch tracker for free on the web, but you’ll require an Apple Watch app. 

Users can also purchase the AppleWatchTracker app for a fee, and then download the app from the website. 

All of the apps mentioned so far are available for download for free, but there are also some extra features that are currently exclusive to Apple Watch users. 

Here are a few of the extras available to Apple Wat users: The watchOS for Apple Watch will be available to install on iOS devices from February this next year, although there will only be a limited time for the app to be available. 

Apple Wat Tracker for iOS will also arrive on iOS in the coming months, and it will offer an ‘auto connect’ feature, meaning it will automatically connect to the watch and let you know if it detects the Apple device is nearby. 

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