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How to Program Your Smart TV with Android TV app

Google is adding a programmable TV to Android TV this week, with a new feature that will let you control your Smart TV using the voice commands.

The app will be a bit of a surprise for most Android TV users, but you can use it to set timers, control the volume of your TV, change your channel, and so on.

This is an area where Google is really pushing its Android TV platform.

The programmable voice commands will be accessible from the home screen, where you’ll be able to search for the command.

This is all a bit strange. 

Google’s official Android TV FAQ says, “We have been working on the Android TV voice commands API for a while now.

The intent was to make this API available to all developers as soon as we could.”

But the developer guide only says the API is “coming soon”.

We’re still waiting on that information, and it looks like we’re going to have to wait for the next version of Android TV.

So, what is a program?

The Google app’s developer guide explains that programs are just “an extension to the Android operating system.”

Programs are basically an extension of the Google app that you can install.

Programs can do a number of things, but they generally work by using your home screen’s search bar to search through your apps and settings.

Google’s new Android TV interface is a bit odd. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, Google has a few tabs to the right of the home button, where apps and other settings are located.

The apps section is home to a few programmable apps that are already available to Android users, like a weather app, a music app, and a calendar app. 

Here, you’ll find a number, or at least a couple, of programmable devices that have been customized with a few customizable buttons and settings to get you started.

For instance, the weather app has a weather forecast widget, a slider, and several buttons for setting the weather.

The music app has an in-app playlist, which lets you choose your music library, change the volume, and set the playback speed. 

Finally, the calendar app has buttons for adding events, setting reminders, and more. 

This is the sort of customization you might find on an iPhone, and the addition of the programmable Android TV is a nice touch.

The fact that the Google apps section doesn’t say anything about when the API will be released makes it even more interesting. 

It’s not clear how long this API will last, but the developers did say that it’s “coming shortly”.

Google is a developer of Android phones and tablets, so we’ll probably see this API rolled out to devices in the future. 

We’re still awaiting details about how this API works, but Google’s not shy about pushing Android TV apps to users.

We’ve heard rumors of this, and this is just the latest example of Google’s commitment to Android.

Google’s been pushing Android since 2007.

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