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Personal Website About SNHU When you say ‘yes’, what do you mean?

When you say ‘yes’, what do you mean?

It’s an answer that may surprise many, but it’s also a way to communicate your consent.

You may have been thinking of consent in this way for years now, but the question is not really that new. 

When you hear the word “yes”, you’re probably thinking of something like, “I agree to a certain set of conditions that you set for me.”

And, if you’re like me, that’s probably how you’re used to it. 

The new definition of consent, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association in 2016, is something else entirely. 

“Consent is the capacity to choose, to act, to choose what to do, to have one’s interests be taken into account in a decision,” it reads.

“Consent does not need to be expressed physically, nor does it need to involve the actual touching of the genitals.”

This isn’t the first time the concept has been in the spotlight.

A few years ago, the British tabloid The Daily Mail published an article with the headline “Weirdly accurate definition of ‘consent’ – BBC News.”

The article’s lead paragraph read: “In the US, consent is an ability to be willing to accept a person’s actions or requests without the need for explicit, verbal consent.”

This is a clear implication that consent isn’t just physical, but mental.

The BBC News article was also picked up by the Washington Post and other media outlets around the world, making it widely known.

In this context, it was surprising to see the BBC News piece become so widely discussed, even though its intent was to clarify what the word meant.

When we think of consent today, we’re usually thinking of physical contact.

We’re not always thinking of the intangible, but emotional ones.

“I have to say this because I’m a woman,” a young woman in Australia wrote to the BBC after receiving the same question from a colleague.

 “I’m so tired of the gender divide and how women are treated differently because of their bodies,” she continued.

“It’s not OK for women to feel ashamed of their body and their bodies are their own.

It’s not ok to have to choose between the health of your family and the safety of your community.”

While the article certainly doesn’t make an outright call for women in the UK to change their minds about their bodies, it does suggest a wider recognition of what consent means in this age.

And, while the definition of “yes” may be outdated, the new definition is certainly gaining ground.

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